Welcome to OpenCar-System

a private Open Source project, which deals with the radio control of model cars based on the Faller Car System© principle.

The control is possible with a digital DCC track signal, from the BiDiB the modern model railway bus system or also with Xpressnet© hand controller, as an autonomous solution.

We are well aware that such a thing already exists! Both Claus Ilchmann's DC-CAR and Karsten Hildebrands infracar are two examples of this. Faller© itself also offers two of its own digital control systems. But none of these systems completely convinced us. Either it is the technology or it is the not freely accessible system parameters or just simply the price for such a complete system.

Our goal is to integrate the OpenCar-System into the OpenDCC BiDiB concept. Versions 1 and 2 of our assemblies were still self-made assemblies. As of version 3, all assemblies "SMD populated" will be available in the Fichtelbahn-Shop.

Here you will get all information about the OpenCar-System. You are welcome to contribute this project, improve it, criticize, test it or use it. The complete hardware development and the finished firmware files of the OpenCar-System project are in General Public License.
The source code for the project modules is available on request from the author, who is included in the General Public License, too.

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last update:

2020-06-06 new FW RF-Basis, Cardecoder v3 and v5
2020-01-11 new FeedCar FW v02.01.00
2018-12-14 manual sound extension v2.2: add connection schematic with v5, english translation
2018-12-14 Cardecoder FW v0x.24.08 fix bug aux no sync