OpenCar-System overview

minimal Version

What is the purpose and the goal of the OpenCar-System? Short and sweet, drive and control vehicles on a magnetic track. The control that makes this possible is not tied to a certain scale. It is also not tied to certain existing components although they can complement and cooperate with them. It can work individually and completely separately, but also be integrated into an existing digital DCC model train control. Here are some examples:

minimal Version

In the picture above the minimal version to control the OpenCar-System. It consists of a base (here a Booster V2 with 15V power supply) and a Roco © Multimaus. The Booster V2 has since been replaced by the BiDiB RF base (picture below). This can also be used as a minimal solution with an Xpressnet © hand controller. But it can also be controlled on the DCC track or on the new modern BiDiB.

BiDiB RF-Basis

An OpenCar-System vehicle consists of engine, steering, battery, switch and charging socket, lighting, radio module and as the heart of a car decoder. All this fits as seen in the following picture, in a H0 estate car inside. Here, an original Faller MB-G model has been upgraded to an OpenCar-System vehicle.

MB-G offen

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